Nitro TV VPN

VPN Service is now Required before Ordering our Service.
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VPN for Nitro TV

Why Exactly Do I Need a VPN?

When it comes time for Nitro TV HD to recommend the best VPN, with our experience, we like to stick with IPVanish. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  When utilizing a VPN it connects through a secure encrypted tunnel to a remote server owned by IPVanish, which will then forward your requests on to the main source server which is delivering the IPTV streams to you.  Some internet service providers will throttle back their customers who stream from our servers directly, simply because you don’t buy a cable subscription for a high price directly from them. This is not only, unfair, but it has been known to cause unnecessary buffering and playback issues.  Once connected to IPVanish on your device, your internet service provider can see you are using data, but have absolutely no idea who or what you’re connected to or streaming from. This will ultimately allow you to bypass any of their automated systems put in place for their clients who like to stream via IPTV.

IPVanish’s VPN is a simple solution for your own internet privacy.  IPVanish can be installed with simplicity on nearly any device, uses lightning fast speeds, maximum security, keeps zero logs and allows you to choose the geological location you’d like to connect to. Remember to restart your streaming device before connecting to your VPN, that way ALL traffic will be directed through the VPN chosen server location. Most plans can be used simultaneously on up to 10 devices at a time, just another benefit to this wonderful service.  You can easily download the app to nearly any device you own- smart phone, Android TV, laptop, desktop, streaming device, tablets etc. To get the best VPN with very affordable prices you may view their website by clicking the button below. Stay safe and stream with a VPN!